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Readers and Internet Marketing friends know that I am a student of online marketing and that I work at applying Social Marketing theory to help advance my online business. Well, recently I received a few rewards for my diligence!

This will be a bit of a “brag” post, but my purpose is to demonstrate that rewards and benefits come in a variety of ways, some unexpected, and that every home business marketer who truly applies himself or herself can expect good things to happen eventually.

Recent posts here have highlighted the purpose, methods and benefits of using a few particular Social Media sites to help build your web presence and your brand. In those posts, I shared information and inspiration I gained from a friendly competition sponsored by the Affiliate Power Group. …

The Affiliate Power Group (APG) is a membership site where online marketers of all experience levels get mentoring, marketing resources and peer support to help build their marketing competence and confidence.

The APG runs periodic competitions where participating members are given a series of “challenges” to perform over a specific number of weeks. Each challenge focuses on a particular marketing method or skill, with the purpose being to motivate the APG member to learn and practice those skills for the immediate benefit of their Internet home business.
Social Marketing Theory, Training
The recent APG Challenge focused on various elements of Social Marketing theory and participants learned the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IM faceplate, Pinterest and effective blogging.

I had not been a member of Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest prior to this competition, so getting involved with those social networking sites in particular was both a true challenge for me and an enlightening and rewarding experience.

There were to be three overall winners in the contest, plus four weekly winners. The competition was tough! There were elements to the scoring and judging that the competitors could not know about, so we did not know how we fared until the winners were announced after the close of the contest.

I had a sense that I was doing reasonably well, but I could see that several other participants were doing just as well and there were a few participants who were up against additional challenges, so I knew that they might earn additional points by the end of the contest.

As it turned out, I ended up being the first place winner and I managed to win one of the weekly prizes as well!

The second place winner was Lyle Holmes and the third place winner was Mal Tindle. The other weekly prize winners were Sandra Greenland, Lyle Holmes and Brian Dockery.

The Summer Challenge competition was made possible by the efforts of the APG mentors, Ken Troyer, Suzanne Morrison and Cynthia Minnaar, to who I am so grateful, both for the competition and great prizes, and for the APG in general as a wonderful site for ongoing Internet Marketing training, support and resources. Please visit the APG site to learn more about the mentors, the winners noted above and the APG in general.

The bottom line to this “brag” is that not only did I achieve first place in the competition, but I learned a whole lot more about Social Marketing theory and my dedication through the contest gave my Internet home business more exposure and brought more traffic to my website.

I have been rewarded in so many ways. What a blessing!

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