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I know how important Social Marketing is to online businesses. Even so, there are some Social sites that I have been avoiding. Well, I have finally taken the plunge on one of them and I now invite you to check out my new Facebook page!

I joined this popular Social Media site for the express purpose of promoting my Home Business Resources website. My Facebook page has the same title: Home Business Resources

I have been interested in the field of home business and Internet Marketing for quite some time and one thing my research has revealed is that many, many people are looking for good home business opportunities as well as resources to help them make more money online. …

Although I still consider myself a student of the business of marketing online, I do have a little more training and experience than some and I have seen some serious shifts in the methods and techniques of marketing over the past few years: specifically, in Social Marketing.

When Social Media sites began their rise to popularity not so long ago, they did not typically allow the promotion of businesses, products or services. However, they soon began to realize that online marketers and other business people were among their most active members, so the administrators of those sites began making changes to accommodate those who wanted to use the sites for business and marketing in addition to conventional socializing.

Facebook has also been adapting to the trend, and thus, they introduced the feature allowing members to create dedicated pages to promote their special interests, whether personal, business, social or what-have-you.

That is how I finally came to join Facebook! I am not there for personal socializing. I am there to social network for business. That is why I created my new Facebook page; to highlight my Home Business Resources website.

Now, writing about the page and encouraging you to go there might seem a bit counterproductive. After all, as Internet Marketers, our aim is to use sites like Facebook to drive traffic back to our websites, not send people away from our website.

But the thing is, my page on Facebook is new and not many have visited it yet. So, I am simply trying to create some buzz in the hope that people will visit the page, “like” it and perhaps share it with others within their circles of influence.

The focus of that page and this website is Internet Marketing information, insight and recommended resources with some themes of personal development and self-improvement thrown into the mix. (I am a big Brian Tracy fan and as a result, I promote and sell his popular training materials.)

If you have not already done so, please take a minute to visit my new Facebook page: Home Business Resources. “Like” it if you want, and share it with others. If you are involved or interested in Internet Marketing, then let’s be “Friends” on Facebook, too!

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