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I debated whether or not to add this final bit about marketing on Twitter, but hey, what’s a web log for if not to share your thoughts and opinions? Included here are some of my personal preferences on who to follow on Twitter, when and why.

I have several Twitter accounts, each with a different focus or serving a different purpose. A couple of my accounts are to promote my home business and Internet Marketing interests.

One practice among social marketers is to follow other members of a social site in the hopes that they will in turn follow you. This is something I do regularly and I have found to be effective when approached reasonably and with purpose. …

When you follow people on Twitter it is advisable to follow those who have shown an interest in the market niche or subject focus of that particular Twitter account. This is because when using Twitter for marketing purposes, your goal is to attract pre-qualified prospects and turn them into targeted visitors for your website.

However, it is common for many Social Marketers to follow every Tom, Dick and Harriet under the sun regardless of their interests. The objective for these marketers is to increase the number of people who are following them. It is believed by some that by massively increasing their followers, it makes them look more popular and therefore attracts even more followers.

On the other hand, there are many who believe quality has more value than quantity. In other words, a few qualified prospects have greater sales potential than a mass of people who have no interest at all in what you are selling. Experienced sales people advise you to pre-qualify your prospects and focus your attention and efforts on them.

Marketing on TwitterHere is how I approach the practice of following other members on social sites, and remember, this is my personal preference; other home business marketers may have different ideas and I respect that.

When social marketing on Twitter with my home business resources Affiliate Power Site Twitter account, I rarely follow another member without first clicking to view their profile, their interests, their posting stats, their number of followers compared to the number they are following, and I check out a few of their tweets to see what they tweet about and how they relate to other members.

In most cases, I look for members who are involved in Internet Marketing or home business in some way, or who are involved in some form of sales or marketing and may be interested in some of the products or services I promote on my website.

If a member uses blatant profanity or seems to support or promote social concepts that I am not comfortable with, I don’t follow them. If they have an inordinately high number of people they are following compared to those following them, I will not typically follow them; I prefer to see more of a balance between following and followers. If they have only a few tweets, but are following a massive number of people, I will not typically follow them. To me, this looks like they are simply collecting names for their mailing list and they are not truly trying to interact with the community.

I also watch for members who have multiple accounts posting identical tweets. When I notice that, I typically follow only one of their accounts.

A few things I look for that I consider to be real positives are members who post comments in response to tweets posted by other members, and people who retweet related tweets posted by others. Also, it is nice to see occasional tweets that have no strings attached; that is, informative tweets with no website links.

Those are a few of my preferences.

Social Marketing on Twitter can be a great way to expose and promote your business online as long as it is managed well with purpose, reason and respect. That is true with all forms of business and marketing and in my opinion, it should be applied to Social Marketing as well.

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