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The key to success with Social Marketing is simply “getting social.” In part one of Social Marketing on Twitter I highlighted the importance of setting up your Twitter profile. In Part Two, we will look at interacting with other members.

The purpose for getting social with other members is to create exposure for you and your business and to build relationships of trust.

One way to start making your presence known is to post or “tweet” comments, questions and information relevant to your marketing niche and the interests of your targeted prospects. This is also a great way to draw responses and interaction from other members.

Another good thing to do is to watch for interesting comments posted by other members and “retweet” any that you think might interest your prospects and followers. …

If you are new to marketing on Twitter, you may not have many (or any) followers. I recommend you begin establishing your presence by devoting some time Marketing on Twittereach day to tweeting, retweeting and following a few people in your marketing niche. Some will follow you back as a result.

I do not recommend posting a lot of tweets all at once, or too many too frequently because some members get turned off by that. Space your tweets throughout the day. Also, I do not recommend following too many new people all at once: maybe 20 or 30 each day. This looks more natural, plus it allows your “Followers” count to keep up with your “Following” count. That is my opinion. I think balance is a good thing.

Another thing that experienced social marketers do is use hashtags in their tweets. A hashtag is the “#” symbol and when tweeting, you add that symbol to the beginning of a keyword that you know people might search for on Twitter. The hashtag should be relevant to the information in the tweet. I will often use #homebusiness or #socialmarketing or #personaldevelopment as my Twitter hashtags. Do not use spaces between the words.

You can also use the “@” symbol with another Twitter member’s user name to get their attention when you tweet. For example, @mypowersite (my user name for this website on Twitter). When you reference another member by using the @ symbol, that tweet will show up in a report they can view. You can check who is referencing or retweeting you by clicking on the “@ Connect” button at the top of your screen when logged in to your Twitter account.

Successful Social Marketing on Twitter involves interacting with other members. If you apply the above methods every day on a consistent basis, you will attract followers, build relationships, establish trust and most importantly, win customers for your products and services.

Twitter isn’t the only game in Social Media. There are others and it is best to establish yourself in a few different ones. But Twitter is a popular site that gives you access to millions of prime prospects, so it is worth the time and effort to build your presence there. Be sure to Follow Me on Twitter, too!

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