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A month ago I mentioned two e-books available from the TripleClicks e-commerce store that highlight some excellent social marketing strategies for Facebook and Twitter. I didn’t realize, then, how thorough these e-books are!

I have purchased both of these resourceful guides and I have to say that I am extremely impressed with both the quality of the presentation in each of the e-books and the value of the information.

Buy either one (or both) of these great marketing resources and you will not be disappointed. You WILL be informed and inspired. …

You can read my original post about this here: Featured Internet Marketing Resources From TripleClicks

Also, early last week I highlighted some of the features of the Facebook e-book in my post titled How to Use Facebook for Marketing.

Today, I will detail a few highlights from the Twitter e-book. There are 14 comprehensive chapters and 478 pages (including a complete 21-page index!), so my blog post will not even scratch the surface of the social marketing strategies outlined in the e-book.

Twitter Marketing, an Hour a Day

Two of the seven separate sections in Chapter 1 cover, respectively, the history of Twitter and insight into Twitter culture.

Chapter 2 includes 12 insightful sections that detail exactly who is using Twitter and for what.

Chapter 3 gives you some idea of what Twitter can accomplish as a multipurpose platform.

Chapters 4 through 7 give you a four-week plan to help you master the Twitter fundamentals, which include (among other things): creating your account and becoming familiar with the site; finding and attracting followers; syndicating your tweet content; using Twitter search and other tools, and analyzing your Twitter activity; understanding what to track and how to review it.

Further chapters cover:

~ Developing a successful Twitter strategy

~ Establishing goals and objectives, and determining tweet topics

~ Getting your Brand started

~ Monitoring, measuring and evaluating your Twitter stats and the resulting website traffic

~ The finer points of maintaining your Twitter presence

~ Developing a Direct response promotion for Twitter

~ And much more!

This has been a quick overview of what you will find in the e-book, Twitter Marketing, an Hour a Day. As I said, it barely scratches the surface of what the resource truly has to offer.

Please visit the following information pages at TripleClicks for more details about the Twitter and Facebook e-books:

Twitter Marketing – An Hour a Day
(e-book, $12.95)
The complete guide to a successful Twitter marketing campaign.

Facebook Marketing – An Hour a Day
(e-book, $11.99)
How to develop, implement and measure a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

If you expect to be successful online as an Internet Marketer, you need to make effective use of popular Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and if you are going to get social, you need to develop solid social networking strategies. The two e-books recommended here have been professionally designed to help you do that. Check them out now!

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