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Many Internet home business marketers have been seriously knocked down by the Google Panda updates over the past couple of years or so. The value of search engine marketing has declined significantly. Now Social Media Marketing is taking a similar hit.

You can read more about this in the recent article by Chris Crum, staff writer for WebProNews, in his December 15th article, ‘Chilling’ News For Brands On Facebook.

“Facebook recently launched an update to its News Feed algorithm aimed at promoting higher quality content,” reports Chris. “So far, it looks like brands are suffering pretty hard form the update.” …

He makes reference to a few industry reports that provide statistics demonstrating how organic reach and organic reach percentage have declined considerably as a result of the Facebook News Feed update.

Chilling News For Brands On FacebookChris notes how, even in the past, “plenty of brands (and plenty of users) have complained about Facebook not showing their posts to all of their fans.”

Now, with the recent Facebook update, user engagement is being driven down even further. This does not bode well for the entire industry of Social Media Marketing, the bigger brands in particular, but also small, home-based Internet Marketers as well.

The claim by Facebook is that the intent is to improve the quality of the content on the site. Every marketer knows how challenging it already is to maintain high levels of both quality and quantity in their output of content.

And how will Facebook judge what is good quality and what is poor quality? We’ve all witnessed how Google often fails to catch and restrict the offenders while at the same time penalizing honest marketers who are trying to play by the rules.

“What’s disturbing,” adds Chris “is that right now, the changes are mainly based on source rather than content itself.”

I find that to be disturbing, indeed!

This Facebook News Feed algorithm update is supposedly in the best interests of users. But who is the update really serving if it alienates and angers the marketers and brands who contribute to the site’s appeal and vitality?

It looks to me like Facebook is trying to make it tough for small marketers while catering to bigger brands with deep advertising pockets, the ones who are willing to pay to reach their target market.

Is that what this all comes down to? Forcing marketers to pay for advertising and exposure?

First, Google kills organic search engine marketing for many Internet Marketers. Now Facebook is taking similar steps. Is that the direction all Social Media sites will be heading?

Marketing online is very challenging to begin with. Social Media Marketing has just become a bigger mountain to climb as well. How will you reach and engage your target audience now? Please feel welcome to post comments here.

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