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Social Media sites are great for exposure and expanding your reach, but business social networking sites are unique in that they allow you to truly highlight your marketing focus and your niche or specialty.

IM faceplate is one such site that caters to the community of Internet Marketers, entrepreneurs and small businesses of all sorts. The site does lend itself very well to a general sort of socializing and networking, but it is set up specifically so members can promote their businesses and highlight their expertise.

I have been a member of IM faceplate for a few years now and I have not only made some good friends there, but I also receive regular traffic from the site, especially during times when I am actively interacting with other members. …

The reason I think IM faceplate is one of the best Business Social Networking Sites for Internet Marketers is because you can openly promote your business, your products and services, and your website(s) without fear of reprimand. As long as you follow some basic rules of respectable behaviour and you are careful not to “spam” other members, you are free to self-promote however you wish.

Business Social Networking SitesIn my opinion, it is a great way to brand yourself and your business. You can post articles, create Spotlights and start discussion groups all aimed at either informing your targeted audience to demonstrate your knowledge in your niche, or to directly highlight your business or your products.

Of course, as with all Social Networking sites, your best success will come from finding ways to add value to the community without blatantly promoting yourself. When you give of yourself, others recognize and appreciate it and will then become more receptive to the more promotional aspects of your member profile and marketing features.

Here’s what to do to get the best results:

~ First, you must add value (preferably related in some way to your niche, because after all, you ARE working at branding your business);

~ Second, you must be active on the site regularly so members get used to seeing you and come to see you as a contributor, not just as a promoter.

When I do those things, that’s when I get the best response and see my website traffic stats increase.

You can use IM faceplate to further develop your presence on the Internet and as a hub for your social media interactions with other members. It might take you a few days to become familiar with all of the features of the site and to get your various sections set up, but once done, you will have created a very professional web presence that will enhance your image as an online marketer.

It is free to join and once signed up, it takes only minutes to set up your basic profile. All I can say is “Check it out!” and see for yourself. Business Social Networking sites can help you create marketing focus, and IM faceplate excels at giving you the features and resources to do it professionally.

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Business Social Networking Sites

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