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Well, I bit the bullet and joined the Facebook social network one day last week. I have received some excellent coaching from my Internet Marketing mentors in the Affiliate Power Group, but Facebook is still a mystery to me.

I am finding my way around the social site just fine, but you know how it is with things: every day I discover something new, or learn a better way to use a certain feature.

I am still not exactly clear on which part of Facebook to use at certain times, or where some things that I post are going to turn up or who is going to see them. …

There have been some comments I have posted on my timeline and some photos I uploaded just to test those features, and afterwards I felt silly for doing it because I didn’t realize that the whole world might see some of those things. On other sites, first you upload the things, then you choose to post them or send them.

There does seem to be several ways to view your Facebook site – for example, your timeline and your news feed – and I am still learning exactly which of these pages your posts appear. I suppose the trick is to spend some time there each day experimenting with posts, testing the features and maybe even watching the tutorial videos.

One thing I have successfully done is set up a Home Business Resources FB “Page” to highlight and feature my home business website. Except for not knowing how to get more visitors to that page, I am happy with that page (so far).

I mentioned in a previous blog post how Social Media Marketing on sites like the Facebook social network is very important for all Internet businesses. That is why, despite my apprehension about Facebook, I was willing to finally get on board with it.

I hear other more experienced marketers proclaiming how great Facebook has been for their online businesses, so I am hoping to learn how to use it effectively to help build my business, too. They’ve got a huge head start on me, so I know it’s going to take time for me to catch up. But that is what business and marketing is all about – learning, applying and growing.

We have to be willing to stretch beyond our comfort zones and seek the guidance and training we need to develop in the direction of our goals. In that respect, I am very glad for the coaching I receive from the mentors and other experienced members in the Affiliate Power Group.

I think the Facebook Social Network will remain something of a mystery for me for a while yet, but it is far less of a mystery today than it was a week ago!

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