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I enjoy music of all genres. One of the things I like best about listening to free music online is getting to hear a broad selection of tunes so I can decide which performers and which albums are worth buying at my local music store.

I don’t listen to a lot of radio, so I’m not as well-informed as I used to be about currently popular tunes. But I do have a favourite online free music source and it is there that I listen to popular music of my choice, as recommended and posted by members of the site. The site is

The good thing about it is there is music that covers the entire spectrum of the industry; literally every style of music conceivable, everything from contemporary tunes to Golden Oldies. If there’s a song you’ve been wanting to hear, chances are you will find it on this site.

Membership is free and as a member of the community you can add the song to your playlist for easy reference and listen to it anytime you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. …

That’s the good thing about the site. There’s also a bad thing. Well, I say it’s bad, but I realize it is a matter of opinion, a matter of personal perspective.

The one thing that I don’t entirely like about the site is the language posted by some members and the graphic titles of the some of the songs, not to mention the graphic lyrics in those songs.

However, I accept that it is an open social community where members are free to post what they will without censorship and I realize that not everybody is offended by such language. Fortunately, it is very easy to quickly pause or stop a song that you don’t want to hear. In that respect, you are in complete control of your listening choices.

Free Music: Listen to Music OnlineSince I have been a member of I have listened to a great variety of songs, from current tunes I heard on the radio, to old favourites from every decade since I’ve been living, to forgotten favourites that brought back a whole lot of memories! Some of them have made me long for the carefree days of my teen years. Yes, those were the days, my friend.

If you like to listen to music online, or if you have been searching for an old favourite, you should check out As I mentioned, it is free to join and you get to listen to the music you CHOOSE to listen to.

The site is very easy to navigate and simple to use once your profile and settings are set up. And for those who are motivated by such things, there are incentive badges you can earn for doing things like posting a certain number of songs, getting “props” (likes) from other members or giving props to others, and a variety of other badges.

The best thing to do is visit the site, browse around and listen to free music online to see what you think of it. If you become a member, let me know and I’ll give you a bunch of props to help you get started!

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Free Music: Listen to Music Online

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