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There’s something kind of weird that happens to me. Maybe it happens to you, too. When I hear people talking and they say certain words or phrases, song titles pop into my head. And then I hear music in my mind! It happens often.

I suppose it’s not so unusual that I hear music in my head since I am a music fan who appreciates music of all kinds. And more than that, as a writer I appreciate the creativity that goes into both the music and the lyrics, so I usually pay close attention to the songs I listen to in real time.

But where this music in my mind becomes a bit of an issue is when I’m at home having a conversation with my spouse. She will say something, a song lyric will pop into my head, the tune will start playing in my mind, and then I’ll quietly start singing or humming the tune out loud. …

Now, to me, the connection between the words my spouse said and the song I’m starting to sing is clear. But to her, it comes across as an interruption to our conversation. In “spousal” terms, she thinks I’m not paying attention to her and not interested in what she is saying.

But that’s not the case. My brain can multitask. I can listen to her AND analyse the lyrics of a song at the same time. At least, I think I can. People CAN do that, can’t they? Hmm.

. . . Anyway, back to the story.

Free Music: Listen to Music OnlineSomething else that happens to me is I will hear a noise – a vehicle, some kind of construction noise, or a noise in the house or in the yard, or in a store or wherever – and it will trigger the notes or maybe a few bars of a distinctly familiar song, and away we go again! I hear music in my mind.

I am aware of this, so I seldom burst into spontaneous song out in public. That usually only happens at home. And thank goodness I am not a whistler: I frequently here whistlers out in public places who obviously have a tune in their head and may or may not be aware that they are sharing it with the world. I don’t seek that kind of attention.

But a noise from some of the most peculiar sources can prompt a song to start playing in my head.

For example, yesterday morning when I was doing some laundry . . . Yes, I do laundry sometimes, but I try to do it when my spouse is at her day job so she doesn’t catch me and expect me to do more of it more often.

Anyway, I opened the dryer door to toss in some towels. This particular machine plays various musical notes at various times to let you know where it is in the cycle. At one point, when you open the door, it plays four notes that have always sounded familiar to me … and yesterday morning the tune popped into my head! It is the old classic by Tommy James and the Shondells called Draggin’ the Line.

The dryer machine plays the notes in a higher octave than those in the song, but I am certain they are the same notes.

A person just never knows what sounds or what words will prompt a tune to start playing in their head. Furthermore, as a writer, inspiration for articles kind of works the same way for me. Some little thing will trigger some tiny idea and voila, suddenly a whole article develops.

And because of that, now you know why I hear music, people!

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Free Music: Listen to Music Online

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