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It has been more than three years since I joined the Entrepreneur Forums at I’ve made many new friends, have benefited from an incredible amount of insight and have gained some great business exposure.

Many online business and marketing forums have taken a hit these days, what with the dominance of so many social networking sites. But forums still have their place in the overall scheme of things and smart marketers will keep their foot in the door of at least a few forums. It just makes sense to use a variety of marketing methods and maintain a presence in a variety of online social sites, including traditional forums.

I have found the Entrepreneur Forums to truly be a friendly entrepreneur community. You may find friendly Internet Marketers wherever you go, but the Entrepreneur Forums seem to promote the friendly, supportive atmosphere more than some other similar sites that you may visit. …

Similar to most marketing forums, the Entrepreneur Forums offer a wide selection of topic categories, each with an even wider selection of discussion threads. The primary focus is small business, Internet Marketing and entrepreneurial activity in its many forms.

Newcomers to business and marketing, as well as seasoned professionals can all feel comfortable participating in any of the discussions. Everybody is welcome and comments and questions are always encouraged.

Some members come to offer their expertise. Others come simply to learn. Many members share experiences and insight that is either informative or inspirational to fellow business people and marketers. No matter what, everybody goes away with some sense of value.

Friendly Entrepreneur ForumsI will admit that I have somewhat of a personal interest in the Entrepreneur Forums. I have been one of the moderators for more than two years, and I have been the forum administrator for more than a year now. The reason I accepted the responsibility for these roles is because I believe in the value the forum has to offer anybody willing to spend a little time there each week. I know it has benefited me. I know it will benefit you, too.

Come and join us. It costs nothing. There is no obligation. You will meet some very nice and highly motivated Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs. And your insight, experience and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

This is my personal invitation to you: Come and join us in the Entrepreneur Forums today.

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