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Internet Marketing is getting more refined the more we learn how to effectively use the medium, and nowhere is the pace of development more challenging than on Social Media sites. Here are some Social Metrics to watch.

I just finished reading about the metrics of “exposure” and “frequency” in a recent Website Magazine blog post that highlighted a year-long study on the effectiveness of Facebook ads. The study analyzed a large amount of Facebook advertising data that covered an extensive range of brands and categories.

A very interesting correlation between exposure rate and click-through rate (CTR) was revealed through the study. It also provided a surprising revelation about ad frequency, and it is not what you may be thinking. …

According to the Website Magazine blog post, titled Social Metrics to Watch: Exposure and Frequency, “Exposure Rate” is a new metric being analyzed that measures targeted engagement on Facebook.

“This metric determines the percentage of the targeted audience that a brand is reaching and exposing its message to,” writes the post author, AllisonH.

Social Metrics to WatchAllison points out that ads that reached 76-100 percent of their intended audience received an average CTR of .038 percent and a conversion rate of 31.92 percent. In contrast, ads that reached only 0-25 percent of the intended audience resulted in an average CTR of .028 percent and a conversion rate of 11.81 percent.

Apparently, higher exposure rates lead to higher percentages of CTR and conversion rates. At face value, that seems odd to me. I would think that the corresponding percentages of CTR and conversion would remain consistent regardless of the reach percentage.

I’m thinking that this could be related to the “frequency rate” metric, although a direct connection to this is not made obvious in the blog post. It does state, however, that the study indicates that high exposure rates do not guarantee success, and that brands should balance this metric with frequency.

“Frequency” is the amount of times the average Facebook user has been exposed to a specific advertisement.

The study reveals something about ad frequency that challenges my former beliefs about frequency and makes me look at the metric in a new light.

In the past, I had always believed that the more often an ad is shown to a prospect, the more likely the intended conversion will occur. However, this study indicates that there is a limit to how many times a person can be exposed to an ad before its effect and appeal begin to wear off.

Allison explains that the data from the study shows that there is a conversion rate drop-off of 32 percent when ads are shown to consumers more than six times.

Just six times? Amazing.

“Additionally,” states Allison, “the CTR averaged 39 percent lower after the sixth impression.”

That really gives a marketer some cause for reflection. It may not be rocket science, but the more detailed the studies and analytics get, the more obvious it becomes that we truly need a proper balance between exposure and frequency.

These are definitely two very important social metrics to watch as the nature of Internet Marketing continues to evolve. Read the Website Magazine blog post highlighting this particular Social Metrics study for additional details and insight.

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