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Here is an excellent social networking community that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It is called IM faceplate, it is free to join, and it offers a variety of ways for marketers to share and highlight their favourite money-making programs.

This social site has been around for a few years but for some reason it has not caught on the way some of the most well known social media sites have, and I don’t know why! Internet Marketers should be flocking to this site in droves. It is free to join.

The big advantage is that IM faceplate is designed specifically for Internet Marketers. It is not like other social sites that stifle your marketing enthusiasm or prohibit you from promoting your products, programs or services. …

IM faceplate encourages you to talk about your Internet income opportunities and to use various features of the site to share your knowledge in your areas of expertise.

Like most social sites, IM faceplate also encourages you to provide information that is helpful and beneficial to other members. Social networking isn’t only about promoting your business. The idea is to socialize, get to know other marketers and develop beneficial connections.
Social Networking
IM faceplate is ideal for Internet Marketers, small businesses and entrepreneurs of all varieties.

You can easily add your Twitter feed, your articles, videos and more.

You will network with like-minded marketers, expand your Web presence and further build your brand.

It costs nothing to join and takes just minutes to set up your faceplate. There may be a learning curve, as there is with any new membership site you may join, but I have found IM faceplate to be easier to understand and navigate than many other better known social media sites.

If you are an active Internet Marketer, or you have aspirations to develop into one, then I recommend that you become a member of the IM faceplate social networking community and use this great site to expand your reach, build your brand and attract more traffic to your website and other pages you have on the Web.

Visit IM faceplate now, take a tour of the site, join the community and launch your faceplate today.

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Social Networking

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