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Marketing on the Internet means taking advantage of every opportunity available to build your brand and create awareness for your business, your website or your products or services. Networking in small business forums can be beneficial.

The emphasis on social networking has increased tremendously the past few years and most small and medium businesses need to add an element of social marketing to their efforts.

Discussion forums allow you to interact with other marketers and potential customers or clients in a more personal and friendly way. …

Small business forums give you an excellent opportunity to show your knowledge and expertise in your field of interest or marketing niche. When you share information in a non-promotional way, you win the interest and confidence of other forum members and as a result, they just might decide to visit your business website to see what else of value you have to offer.

I have been participating in a few various business and marketing forums online for the past few years and, of course, I have my favourites; the ones that I like to visit regularly and participate in.

Small Business ForumsThe Entrepreneur Forums on the site are a good example. We have a small, friendly group of regular members with a few new members joining us from time to time. Our members come from a wide variety of business and marketing backgrounds and all levels of experience and expertise.

We have four main forum categories, including From Evan’s Desk, Starting Your Own Business, Making Money in 2012… and Beyond!, and Other Entrepreneur Topics. Each of the main categories includes a wider variety of sub-categories and each sub-category includes quite a number of individual topic threads.

We always welcome new members who come to share their opinions and experiences and who contribute to the discussions in a meaningful way. It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, there is someone who will appreciate what you have to say if it is offered in a constructive, supportive, helpful non-promotional way.

Small Business Forums aren’t the only answer to marketing online, but forums are a great way to socially network while expanding your presence on the web and working to build your brand.

Please join us in the Entrepreneur Forums. We would very much enjoy having you!

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