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If you ever thought that Internet Marketing was too expensive or too technical, please keep reading because I am going to tell you how to start your own online business quickly, easily and cheaply.

Even if you are on a very tight budget, you can set up a marketing website for as little as $10 per year for domain name registration and around $7 a month for web hosting. As far as the technical aspect of it goes, the process can be as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Not only that, but simple, step-by-step instructions are available to guide you through the entire process and free training is available to show you how to add products to your new site, how to add content (like articles and product reviews), and how to market the site and get targeted traffic. …

I will give you a quick overview of the process, but first, let me say that I am a member of a group of experienced marketers who have put together a complete training and support package that shows you exactly how to do all of the above (and the steps below, too!) You can How To Start Your Own Online Businessjoin our group free and access the training and resources at your convenience anytime, day or night.

It is called My Affiliate Power Site (MAPS) and I think the training will amaze you and the simplicity of the website set-up process will excite you. Click the link and check it out right now, if you want.

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Here, briefly, is the overview of the website set-up process:

~ Choose Your Niche
~ Choose Your Domain Name
~ Sign Up for Web Hosting at Bluehost
~ Sign in to your Bluehost website cpanel
~ Click on the WordPress icon in your cpanel
~ On the page that opens, click the Install button
~ Fill in or check off a few recommended fields (covered in our free MAPS training), and click the “Complete” button.

Once done, you will see a user name and password on your screen; mark these down for safe keeping. You will need them to log in to your WordPress account (separate from your Bluehost cpanel account) where you will go to customize your site and administrate it on a regular basis.

Next, the MAPS guide will recommend some free WordPress “plugins” to install that will add some essential features to your site. Directions are given and it is quick and easy to do. You will also be shown how to set up your “permalink structure.” This is important to help enhance your search engine rankings.

Once these simple steps have been completed, your new site is ready to go! It is then a matter of adding some products, some content and then starting to promote the site to draw targeted traffic. The MAPS guide covers each of these steps.

That is how to start your own online business quickly, easily and cheaply. Depending on how fast you want to get it all set up, you can easily be in business within the week and have visitors already checking your site out. You could potentially be making some sales in that time, too. Visit My Affiliate Power Site for more information about all of this.

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