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Have you ever stopped to think that your success in home business or Internet Marketing is dependent on your ability to sell your products and services? It’s all about selling. Here are some tips on how to be a better salesperson.

I was reviewing this information in The Psychology of Selling, a great audio program I purchased from Brian Tracy International (and that I promote and sell as a BTI affiliate). The first session in the program gives some initial insight into the psychology of selling.

In this revealing session, Brian explains why you can be proud to be a salesperson. It is because the whole economy floats on the efforts of people involved in the selling profession. …

He goes on to tell us that “There is no limit to where we can go in this profession if we are properly trained and skilled at selling.”

This encourages me and it should encourage you, too. If your current income isn’t where you want it to be, there are two things you need to understand: first, it is probably because your selling skills need to be improved; and second, you can do something about it.

Be a Better SalespersonThe first step is to establish a goal or a target for yourself so you know where you are going and have something specific to aim for as motivation.

Brian talks about the Pareto principle, better known as the 80-20 rule.

“According to the 80-20 rule,” he says, “80 percent of sales are made by 20 percent of the salespeople. Once you get into the 20 percent, you don’t have to worry about money or employment again.”

He tells us to aim to get into the top 20 percent and then into the top four percent. Once there, you will become one of the highest paid people in the world. That’s a great target, in my opinion!

Brian also explains that the difference between top performers and average or poor performers is quite often something small, something that can easily be changed or improved.

So, the next step in learning how to be a better salesperson is to make a commitment to excellence. Make a decision to do what you have to do to develop that winning edge that will move you up and into the leaders circle. It may not take much; perhaps only a few small changes or improvements to your existing skills.

Next is getting an understanding of the relationship between successful selling and our personal self-concept.

“Selling is an inner game,” says Brian. “What is going on inside the mind of the salesperson makes all the difference.”

To simplify and paraphrase the way that Brian explains this in the program, basically he says that we have to believe we can make the sale and that we are worthy of earning that level of income. Most people struggle with sales due to a lack of confidence in their ability to close the sale and inner doubts about whether or not they “deserve” to receive compensation as a professional. If you have never made a $500 sale, you might not think you are capable, but why not?

In the program, he takes you through some steps to help you evaluate your current self-concept and come up with a plan to improve it. Ultimately, the more practice we get and the more skill we develop, the more confident and successful we become.

Next, Brian highlights the two major obstacles in selling:

~ The customer’s fear in making a buying mistake.

~ The salesperson’s fear of rejection.

For the first obstacle, the salesperson must be knowledgeable and confident in the product or service and its ability to do as promised so he or she can convince the customer that the purchase is a great decision they will not regret.

For the second obstacle, once again it comes down to practice and experience. Rejection is going to happen: get used to it and learn to work through it, push past it and remain confident in yourself and what you are selling.

Brian goes on to explain that sales are most often based on friendship. In other words, on the relationship between the salesperson and the customer. The customer wants to feel that you have their best interests in mind.

“The best salespeople have a natural ability to make friends easily with prospective customers,” says Brian.
Be a Better Salesperson
Another key element to sales success is enthusiasm. Your aim is to transfer the enthusiasm you feel for your product or service into the mind and heart of your prospect.

The final point that Brian makes is about your commitment to success. Most people fail, he says, because “they do not stay with it long enough to get those first few winning experiences that raise their self-esteem and self-concept.”

If you currently have some selling experience, just think back to your first important sale: do you remember how it felt? Chances are, it gave you a big boost of confidence and at that moment, you felt like you were ready to take on the world!

It is important to set your mind, right from the beginning, that you are going to stick with it and do what you must until you achieve the level of success that you desire.

This has been my perspective on some of the key ideas on how to be a better salesperson from Brian Tracy’s audio program, The Psychology of Selling. If you listen to it, you might pick up on different concepts that have more meaning or significance to you.

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The Psychology of Selling

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