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Just about everything we do involves the sales process in some way, whether it is trying to “sell” an idea to family, friends, an employer or employees, or trying to sell a product or service to a prospect. We all seek sales success in some form.

Plenty of resources are available to help us develop our skills and enhance our performance; we just need to be willing students, open to the training that is being offered.

Brian Tracy is an accomplished sales leader and trainer and he has spent the better part of his life researching ways to help people improve their performance in all areas of personal achievement, including sales success. Now, for the next several days, he is offering some of his training resources for up to 60% off. …

Here are a few of the items included in the sale. Take a look at these sales training aids and consider which ones you might benefit from the most:

Sales Success
~ Motivating Salespeople in Tough Times: This CD will show you how to keep your sales team positive and productive, even when the economy is not doing well. Build a team of top producers!

~ Selling Higher-Priced Products Against Lower-Priced Competition: Brian will teach you the skills you need to sell more, faster, in competitive markets. Zero in on the REAL reason people buy.

~ 21 Great Ways to Become a Sales Superstar: How would you like to make MORE sales to MORE people in any market? This CD will show you how to build mega-credibility.

~ Superstar Selling: Let this CD teach you how to consistently close more clients. Be more creative, lock in more appointments, identify quality prospects and distinguish yourself from the pack.
Sales Success

~ Identifying Problems/Presenting Solutions: Watch this enlightening DVD to learn how to identify what your prospects are truly looking for. Position yourself as the solution they need.

~ Prospecting Power: Another great DVD presenting powerful techniques and strategies for prospecting. Learn how to fill your pipeline with highly qualified prospects!

~ High-Impact Telephone Selling: There is an art and a science to telephone selling and this informative DVD will help you master it. Sell more effectively, overcome objections and get more referrals.

As you can see, the training aids listed here cover the entire gamut of the sales process. Whichever area you need to develop or improve, Brian’s got you covered! You just need to decide what you need to work on and then renew your commitment to personal sales success.

Brian is currently running his annual Inventory Blowout Sale where you can pick up some awesome deals for up to 60% off. But hurry in because the sale runs only for a few more days and it’s first come, first serve on the available items. Some items will sell out!

I recommend Brian’s products because, even though I am a seller, I am also a customer with a collection of his materials in my home library; I know the value that every one of his training resources provides.

Check out Brian’s Blowout Sale now and plan to enhance your sales success through 2013!

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Brian Tracy Blowout Sale

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