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My favourite affiliate marketing program just got better! The SFI Marketing Group has just announced NEW signing bonuses of $20, $40 and $100 payable to new affiliates who join from this day forward. And SFI is always FREE to join!

I have looked at numerous Internet-based home business opportunities over the years and of all the ones I checked out, SFI has stood out head-and-shoulders above the crowd, both in style of marketing plan and in longevity.

And now, with the introduction of signing bonuses, wow! The SFI opportunity becomes even more appealing than ever before! … Read the rest of this entry

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Many people make money online through a process called Affiliate Marketing. It is simple to explain, easy to learn and do, and if you stay focused and work at it diligently, you can create a nice second income with it.

Basically, when you become an affiliate marketer, all you are doing is becoming an independent sales representative for a company that has products or services for sale. YOU do the advertising and the promotion and when you make sales, the company handles the billing and the shipping.

Oh, yes, and the company pays you a sales commission for the sale, too! Some affiliate companies will also let you recruit or sponsor other sales affiliates into the business and will compensate you in some way for purchases and sales they make. … Read the rest of this entry

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My previous post explained the basics of How Affiliate Marketing Works. Today’s post is going to be a little more personal. You may not hear this from many online marketers, but the odds are against your success in Affiliate Marketing.

A little later I will tell you why I say that, but for now, let me just say that I think there’s a good chance you might be better off keeping your day job.

You might think I’m trying to do that “reverse psychology” thing here, but really, I am not. What I am doing is prospecting for leaders for my Affiliate Marketing team and I just want to make it clear that in my experience, the majority of opportunity seekers seem to be better suited for their day jobs. … Read the rest of this entry

How Affiliate Marketing Works

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This blog post has turned into two separate posts! My initial plan was to explain why most opportunity seekers are simply not cut out for this business. By way of introduction, the post started with a look at how Affiliate Marketing works.

However, by the time I had the basics of the post mapped out, I realized that it was turning into two topics that did not necessarily complement each other.

So, I separated it into two blog posts to keep it from becoming too long and unwieldy. Today’s post will define what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works. … Read the rest of this entry

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This is the final post in my six-part series on ways to make money online in 2014 with SFI. This post will highlight the Pay-Per-Action program available from the SFI Marketing Group, a leading Internet affiliate marketing program.

SFI offers its affiliates six distinct ways to earn real Internet income. The program is free to join, there are no purchase requirements, and affiliates can choose to take advantage of any or all of the six ways to make money.

Very simply put, if you choose to promote the SFI Pay-Per-Action (SFIPPA) program it will pay you a direct cash bounty for new affiliates who you recruit into the SFI affiliate program. There are some guidelines and a few details about this that you should be aware of. … Read the rest of this entry

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This home business blog post will highlight how to make money online with the E-Commerce Associates Program on the shopping site. If you have been following along, this is Part Five in my six-part series.

The previous post in this series highlighted the TripleClicks TCredit Bonus where, as an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group, you can earn TCredits that are like cash on the TripleClicks site and can be used for a number of things.

The E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program is designed for small and medium commercial businesses that want to list and sell their products or services on the TripleClicks site. You can refer these businesses to TripleClicks and earn residual income for life on sales they make. … Read the rest of this entry

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Here is Part Four of Six Ways to Make Money Online in 2014. This post will provide exciting insight into why TripleClicks TCredits are like cash and how you can easily earn a TCredits Bonus every month.

First, let me reinforce the fact that millions of people all over the world are making money online every month. Some make a few dollars, while many are making a significant income from their efforts.

Your ability to duplicate their success will depend on your interests, your commitment to learning the process, and your dedication to following the steps every month until you reach your personal Internet income goals. … Read the rest of this entry

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Here is the third installment in my six-part series on how to Make Money Online. Part two covered the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Today, I will share my excitement over the Co-Sponsored Affiliates I receive in my favourite affiliate program.

Most Affiliate Marketing programs allow you to sponsor or recruit other affiliates and earn commissions or bonuses based on their sales and purchase activity. Here is where the program I promote goes above and beyond!

As an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group, I have qualified to receive free Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) every month since I re-committed to SFI in 2012. That means that I have been receiving CSA commission income every month since that time, too! … Read the rest of this entry

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This is the second in a six part series sharing with you some of the ways you can earn real Internet income in 2014. Part One covered Direct Commissions with the SFI affiliate marketing opportunity.

Today, I will tell you about the TripleClicks Executive Pool. For most affiliates, income from the Executive Pool starts out small and grows, month by month, as your affiliate team grows. It may take time, but the process and the end results can be powerful.

In part one of this series, I mentioned how the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site is filled with many thousands of products and services that affiliates with the SFI Marketing Group can promote and sell to earn direct commissions. … Read the rest of this entry

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This is the first post in a six part series on ways to make money online in 2014. Each of these six ways is unique for its own reasons, but each one is also part of the same Affiliate Marketing program provided by the SFI Marketing Group.

Everybody who is interested in building a business online seeks to earn real Internet income. There are many ways to do it and many good affiliate companies to consider.

I chose SFI after checking out and trying several online income opportunities over the past few years. SFI was the first one I joined, but then I left SFI in search of an easier way to earn internet income. … Read the rest of this entry

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