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My previous post on going Beyond the Benefits of Positive Thinking explained that to be truly successful, not only do we have to think positive, but we must also learn to control or manage the negative input that is constantly bombarding us.

Staying calm, composed and positive can be quite challenging when people in our lives inflict their negative attitudes on us, whether it is done deliberately or inadvertently.

The workplace is one example where the potential exists for unhappy people to try to draw us into their negativism. News media is another trouble spot that can potentially drag us down. Acknowledging these danger areas is the first step in managing and reducing their affect on us. … Read the rest of this entry

GT Bulmer | Benefits of Positive Thinking GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

Self-improvement means many things to many people, but you have to go beyond the benefits of positive thinking if you want to experience true progress. Success and achievement means rising above the average way of thinking.

A lot of people get wrapped up in the negative influences that just seem to ebb and flow around each of us throughout our daily lives. It might happen at home, at work or in the various social and community groups that we support and participate in.

Wherever it happens, we have a responsibility to our own well-being to do what we can to break free from negative thinking and allow only positive, constructive thoughts and attitudes to guide our actions and responses. … Read the rest of this entry