Another iPad Purchased with Member Rewards Points

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Last January I wrote about how a new iPad Air 2 was coming my way, thanks to Member Rewards Points (MRP) earned at TripleClicks, the e-commerce shopping site. That iPad was a gift to myself.

Well, by May, just in time for Mother’s Day, I managed to accumulate enough MRP to purchase ANOTHER iPad, this time an Apple iPad Mini 3 as a gift for my dear wife. Imagine that? Two iPads in a matter of months.

Now, here we are in September and guess what? I’ve once again accumulated more than enough MRP to buy another mini (if we wanted another one), or if we want another iPad Air 2, I’m getting close to having enough to buy another one of those! … Read the rest of this entry

Timely Tablet Delivery Makes My Day

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Was I surprised! The Apple iPad Air I’ve been writing about and had been expecting “within the week” in my last blog post had already arrived … and I didn’t know it!

When I wrote that post on January 1, I did not realize that my new iPad was actually sitting at the local post office waiting for me to pick it up!

I received a parcel pick-up notice on December 31 thinking it was something a family member had sent to us, but I arrived at the post office too late to pick the item up – they were already closed. That meant I had to wait until January 2 to pick it up since the 1st was a holiday. … Read the rest of this entry

New iPad Air 2 is Coming My Way

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I got so wrapped up in family things over the holidays that I neglected to tell you that my new iPad Air 2 is on the way to me as we speak! I accumulated enough TripleClicks Member Rewards Points to place the order late in the day on December 23!

I received confirmation early in the morning on December 25 that the iPad had been shipped and that since it’s coming from the USA and I live in Canada, it could take up to two weeks to get here. That means I should have it within the week from this writing! … Read the rest of this entry

Apple iPad Update

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A few months ago I wrote a blog post about Member Rewards Points at the TripleClicks shopping (and games!) site, and how I was saving up points to purchase an Apple iPad Mini or possibly an iPad Air 2. Well, an update is long past due!

I exceeded the points needed for the iPad Mini several weeks ago and decided then to go for the iPad Air 2 instead! In fact, I am just a few days away from achieving the goal.

My original expectation was to reach the goal by the end of December, but I have been active at TripleClicks and expect to have enough member rewards points to order the iPad Air a week early, hopefully by Christmas Day. … Read the rest of this entry

Member Rewards Points Make Me Happy

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I am a member of the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site (where shopping isn’t the only exciting activity) and one of the benefits that I have been enjoying lately is the Member Rewards Points (MRP) program.

Over the past two months or so I have earned enough MRP to purchase four one-ounce silver bars. I have received three of them (see photo) and I just ordered the fourth one today.

It costs nothing to be a TripleClicks member and there are no purchase or activity requirements. If you are interested in Internet Marketing, you can join the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program (also no cost or obligation) and when you do, TripleClicks membership is automatically included. … Read the rest of this entry

Earn Rewards Points and Get Great Gifts

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Have you visited TripleClicks lately? We now feature more than 61,000 products! Not only can you list YOUR stuff and reach more than 1.5 million members, but you can also earn rewards points and redeem them for some great gifts.

TripleClicks (TC) is an e-commerce shopping site where members can buy and sell new and used items, participate in penny auctions and even download music!

You earn TC Member Rewards Points (MRP) when you purchase things at TripleClicks, bid on auctions and participate in other member incentive programs. Of special note is a new bonus where you earn DOUBLE the MRP on every auction bid you place on Mondays! … Read the rest of this entry

Why WAVE3 Member Rewards Are Wonderful

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Everybody is a member of some kind of rewards program these days. Here’s one you may not have heard about. It’s great if you like using member rewards for shopping online, participating in auctions, enjoying music and more.

This is the TripleClicks WAVE3 rewards program where you join free, then earn rewards simply by telling others how to get free stuff every month.

That’s it! That’s all you do. Join free, tell others, get rewards when they join free, use your rewards to buy stuff from the TripleClicks online store! (And guess what? When you buy stuff at TripleClicks, you earn MORE credits and reward points!) … Read the rest of this entry