Black Friday Deals on Personal Development

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Wow, look at this! Brian Tracy International is offering some incredible Black Friday deals on a big selection of personal development resources! Quantities are limited on some items, so check it out as soon as you can.

More than 140 items are on sale at 50% off. Just remember to use the Discount Code: FRIDAY50

Category listings include Personal Success, Sales Success, and Business Success. You can pick up some awesome resources for yourself, or you can do a little gift shopping to get ready for the holiday season. … Read the rest of this entry

Give the Gift of Personal Development

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The holiday season is upon us and if you have someone on your shopping list who is into personal development, success and achievement, marketing and sales success and similar themes, then please read this post.

My regular readers know that I am a vocal advocate for the benefits of self-improvement and lifelong learning. They also know that I am both an avid customer and an enthusiastic affiliate for the programs and materials available from Brian Tracy International.

Please consider the person or people on your list who might stand to benefit tremendously from one on Brian’s programs. And by the way, Brian’s catalog includes far more than personal development resources and business skills training. You might be surprised at some of the titles and topics available. … Read the rest of this entry

Hot Deals Online, Personal Development, One Week

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Here is your chance to keep your resolutions and get some expert personal development training at a steep discount! Brian Tracy’s 2013 Inventory Blowout SaleBrian Tracy's Inventory Blowout Sale is on now and runs until February 13. Don’t miss these hot deals online!

The New Year is officially in full swing and for many people that means their New Year’s resolutions are underway. But did you know that up to 80% of people who make resolutions at the beginning of the year fail at them by January 20?

That is a startling statistic! How are you coming with your resolutions? If personal development is on your list – and let’s face it, it SHOULD be because all success depends on it – then you will be wise to check out the deals Brian is offering over the coming week. … Read the rest of this entry

How to Accelerate Personal Success in 2013

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This might be for you, or it might be the perfect resource for an aspiring achiever that you know. It is a personal development book, with bonuses, designed to help anybody accelerate their personal success in 2013 and beyond.

I don’t know how the tradition started, but this seems to be the time of year when people are looking ahead, perhaps looking to make a new beginning or a fresh start. They are more open to consider handy guides that can help the process; resources that will show them the quickest, easiest way to make the changes they desire.

Personally, when I am focusing on any kind of self-improvement or personal development, I go to the resource shelves in my home office and although I have books, audio programs and motivational videos from a variety of recognized leaders in the field, there is one person that I turn to first for information and inspiration. … Read the rest of this entry

Ways to Motivate Yourself on Down Days

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Do you appreciate learning of ways to motivate yourself on those down days we all experience? You know how it goes: some days are good, some days are not so good, but the world keeps turning and you’ve got a home business to run.

It’s like this. Some mornings, you wake up and hit the ground running. The day is bright and you are full of vim and vigor and hopeful expectation of a very fulfilling and productive day.

Then there are days you wake up feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Every step feels like slogging through deep, mucky mud and it takes a mighty effort just to drag yourself through it. You can tell by the cloud over your head that the day is going to be anything but productive and fulfilling.

How does a busy home business marketer deal with these down days? I see two angles on it. … Read the rest of this entry

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The wonderful thing about words and concepts is that they can be arranged in a variety of ways to express a point. Today, I am going to ask you to consider three keys to success in business, although they can be applied to all aspects of life.

The keys are Clarity, Competence and Concentration. I happened upon this particular arrangement of concepts while reading some inspirational material from business leader and success coach, Brian Tracy.

Brian encourages people to live without limits and to work at breaking the success barrier in their lives. His training materials guide them towards these personal development goals and provides them with step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do it. I am a fan of Brian’s work! … Read the rest of this entry

Tips To Help You Land Real Writing Jobs Online

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Have you ever thought about getting paid to write articles, blogs and other content online? If you are an Internet Marketer, I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind at some point. This post will give you a few tips to help you land real writing jobs online.

I’m not talking about standard information-based marketing where you post promotional pieces on your own blog, or you submit free keyword articles to directories simply to promote your website or to get backlinks. I’m talking about writing informative articles and blog posts that you actually get paid for.

If you are an experienced writer, you probably know that there are unlimited sources online where you can find real writing jobs; publications, publishers and sites that pay you for well-written material that will appeal to their audiences. The trick to landing these paid writing assignments is to produce unique articles and content that has obvious value to both the publisher and the readers.

Making the transition from promotional marketer to paid writer is not that difficult, but it does require you to be aware of a few differences and it may require you to alter your thinking and your focus to some degree. … Read the rest of this entry

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Driving time can sometimes be down time; you might be trapped in city traffic for long periods, or driving down the highway for long stretches. Why not put it to good use? Here’s a way to turn your vehicle into a university on wheels.

This APC post and the three previous ones were inspired by an experience I had earlier in June where I was amazed by the achievements of a particular group of university graduates. I touched on this in the post, Internet Marketing Experts Made, Not Born.

I was inspired by the commitment to excellence demonstrated by the graduates. They pushed through a variety of very challenging obstacles in order to achieve their educational goals and advance their career prospects. It is incredible how much value focused study can have for a person.

Internet Marketers and home business entrepreneurs can be dedicated learners and achievers as well, even if they don’t attend university. There are other ways to build one’s knowledge base, and turning your automobile into a university on wheels is one of them. … Read the rest of this entry

How To Accelerate Your Success, Beginning Now

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Have you got a few minutes to answer a question? It has the power to change your life forever. All you have to do is just think about the question for a minute, determine your answer, then use it to accelerate your success, beginning immediately.

Here’s the thing. In my previous two posts I talked about what it takes to achieve mastery in your field. I made references to recommendations from two inspirational leaders, Earl Nightingale and Brian Tracy who both promote the value of committing to a dedicated daily reading program.

Looking at their philosophies on personal and business achievement I realized that the foundational theme is focus. You must decide what your focus is; you must commit to that focus; and you must engage in a program to excel in that area of focus. … Read the rest of this entry

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Brian Tracy says that it takes five to seven years to achieve mastery in your field. “There are no shortcuts that work in the long term,” he cautions. You must commit to excellence and you need to regularly feed your mind with positive materials.

In my previous post, Internet Marketing Experts Made, Not Born, I highlighted a similar perspective put forward by the late Earl Nightingale. Earl said that if you spend an hour a day studying in your chosen field, you will become an expert in five years.

It is clear that these two highly influential thought leaders believe that the key to personal and business success is commitment: more specifically, a commitment to personal development, educational edification, and mastery of one’s field of endeavour.

Some people may think that five to seven years is a long time to wait to become an expert in their field. Brian and Earl have each pointed out that the time is going to pass anyway, so why not use it constructively and purposefully? … Read the rest of this entry

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