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It might be called marketing, but really, it’s all about the psychology of selling. One of the keys to success with most forms of Internet Marketing and online business is learning to become a sales professional. This applies to your home business, too.

If you are aiming for professional goals, then a professional sales training program can make a definite difference. If nothing else, it will help to accelerate the process, and who doesn’t want to achieve more, faster?

One of the audio programs that I recommend to my customers and readers as an affiliate for Brian Tracy International is Brian’s The Psychology of Selling – The Art of Closing Sales. With this popular program, you will learn how to develop a powerful sales personality, double your sales, and increase your earnings in the bargain! … Read the rest of this entry

How to Be a Better Salesperson

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Have you ever stopped to think that your success in home business or Internet Marketing is dependent on your ability to sell your products and services? It’s all about selling. Here are some tips on how to be a better salesperson.

I was reviewing this information in The Psychology of Selling, a great audio program I purchased from Brian Tracy International (and that I promote and sell as a BTI affiliate). The first session in the program gives some initial insight into the psychology of selling.

In this revealing session, Brian explains why you can be proud to be a salesperson. It is because the whole economy floats on the efforts of people involved in the selling profession. … Read the rest of this entry

The Art of Closing the Sale

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So much of what you do in home business and Internet Marketing involves selling something. Whether it is a product, a service, a program or a joint-venture partnership, your success depends on your skill at closing the sale.

Successful sales people have a good grasp of the psychology of sellingClosing the Sale. Those who are most dedicated to high income goals get additional training and they practice their craft until they become professionally adept.

I have a Brian Tracy audio program on selling and today I will share with you some of Brian’s insight and recommendations. … Read the rest of this entry