Social Media Marketing Takes a Hit

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Many Internet home business marketers have been seriously knocked down by the Google Panda updates over the past couple of years or so. The value of search engine marketing has declined significantly. Now Social Media Marketing is taking a similar hit.

You can read more about this in the recent article by Chris Crum, staff writer for WebProNews, in his December 15th article, ‘Chilling’ News For Brands On Facebook.

“Facebook recently launched an update to its News Feed algorithm aimed at promoting higher quality content,” reports Chris. “So far, it looks like brands are suffering pretty hard form the update.” … Read the rest of this entry

Social Networking for the Active Internet Marketer

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Here is an excellent social networking community that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It is called IM faceplate, it is free to join, and it offers a variety of ways for marketers to share and highlight their favourite money-making programs.

This social site has been around for a few years but for some reason it has not caught on the way some of the most well known social media sites have, and I don’t know why! Internet Marketers should be flocking to this site in droves. It is free to join.

The big advantage is that IM faceplate is designed specifically for Internet Marketers. It is not like other social sites that stifle your marketing enthusiasm or prohibit you from promoting your products, programs or services. … Read the rest of this entry

Marketing with Pinterest

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I just have to say, if you are not marketing with Pinterest, you are missing the boat! With well over 10 million registered users and around 12 million unique visitors monthly, this social networking dynamo is a must for Internet Marketers.

Pinterest is billed as a “virtual pinboard.” Users collect photos and link to websites and products they love and recommend. The purpose is to share whatever they find on the web that to them is interesting, informative, inspiring, helpful, beautiful, funny or serious.

Check out the infographic I have posted below for more amazing details and statistics about Pinterest. You will also find this infographic in the group Infographics board in my Pinterest profile. … Read the rest of this entry

How Social Media Marketing Gave Betty White A Boost

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I went searching for some insight into the purpose and benefit of Social Media Marketing and lo and behold, who do you think I ran into? Betty White! Yes, THAT Betty White! The VERY famous and EXTREMELY popular actress.

My search for authoritative information on Social Marketing lead me to Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. I have posted an excerpt from the article here for your reference. Read through it to learn more on the topic and to find out how Social Media Marketing gave Betty a boost. … Read the rest of this entry

Social Marketing on Twitter, Part Three

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I debated whether or not to add this final bit about marketing on Twitter, but hey, what’s a web log for if not to share your thoughts and opinions? Included here are some of my personal preferences on who to follow on Twitter, when and why.

I have several Twitter accounts, each with a different focus or serving a different purpose. A couple of my accounts are to promote my home business and Internet Marketing interests.

One practice among social marketers is to follow other members of a social site in the hopes that they will in turn follow you. This is something I do regularly and I have found to be effective when approached reasonably and with purpose. … Read the rest of this entry

Social Marketing on Twitter, Part Two

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The key to success with Social Marketing is simply “getting social.” In part one of Social Marketing on Twitter I highlighted the importance of setting up your Twitter profile. In Part Two, we will look at interacting with other members.

The purpose for getting social with other members is to create exposure for you and your business and to build relationships of trust.

One way to start making your presence known is to post or “tweet” comments, questions and information relevant to your marketing niche and the interests of your targeted prospects. This is also a great way to draw responses and interaction from other members.

Another good thing to do is to watch for interesting comments posted by other members and “retweet” any that you think might interest your prospects and followers. … Read the rest of this entry

Social Marketing on Twitter

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I’ve been learning more about marketing on Twitter this week. It’s all part of a four week Social Marketing training program and friendly competition sponsored by the mentors of the Affiliate Power Group (APG). This week, it’s Twitter.

Twitter describes itself as a “Real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting.”

How big is the market potential on Twitter? Well, apparently people are using the popular social site because Twitter boasts more than 140,000,000 active users (that’s 140 million!) and around 340,000,000 tweets per day. Looks like a lot of potential to me! … Read the rest of this entry

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Building a successful online business has never been easy. Yes, it is very easy to start a business, but making a success of it is something else. Adding to the challenge is the need to have a strong Social Marketing strategy.

Social Marketing has become the big thing in recent times. If done right, it can be a powerful way to build your web presence and your brand. The problem is, there are so many social networking sites and so many approaches to how you can use them for Internet Marketing.

Personally, I am STILL trying to make my way through the confusing maze of social networking. I am doing well in some areas and not so good in others. Don’t tell my spouse I admitted this, but I need help. Fortunately, I have found it. … Read the rest of this entry

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Social Media sites are great for exposure and expanding your reach, but business social networking sites are unique in that they allow you to truly highlight your marketing focus and your niche or specialty.

IM faceplate is one such site that caters to the community of Internet Marketers, entrepreneurs and small businesses of all sorts. The site does lend itself very well to a general sort of socializing and networking, but it is set up specifically so members can promote their businesses and highlight their expertise.

I have been a member of IM faceplate for a few years now and I have not only made some good friends there, but I also receive regular traffic from the site, especially during times when I am actively interacting with other members. … Read the rest of this entry

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Have you seen those +1 buttons popping up all over the place? It’s something just introduced by Google to let people “like” the websites, pages and posts they appreciate the most. Now you can give a little Search Engine love with the Google +1 (Plusone) button!

Google says that the purpose of the button is to “let people who love your content recommend it on Google search.” Sounds like a good idea in today’s socially focused online environment, whether you run a home business opportunities website like this one, or any kind of website.

The buttons have certainly become popular in a short period of time. To use them, you have to have a Google account. If you have an existing Gmail account or a Google Analytics account, for example, you are already good to go to use the Google +1 button.

To give a +1 to a site or a post, all you do is click the +1 button. If you happen to be logged in to your Google account at the time, then the +1 is registered immediately; nothing more needs to be done. If you are not logged in, a login box will pop up, you will take a moment to sign in to your Google account, and then the +1 will register instantly. … Read the rest of this entry

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