Website Traffic Tips for 2014

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It has become a real challenge for Internet Marketers to fully understand and apply the optimization rules for getting listed in the search engine results. But we still need visitors, so with or without the search engines, we need to find a way.

Search engine optimization has become “technical” once again and as a result, it is easy to get your site, or keywords for your site, delisted or banned from the search engines.

It has gotten to the point where a lot of marketers online have given up on organic traffic from the search engines and are simply focusing on other ways to attract traffic to their website. Here are a few website traffic tips for 2014. … Read the rest of this entry

Things to Remember When Building Backlinks

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This post will reveal to you five things to remember when building backlinks. I am taking this from the new eBook by my marketing mentor, Suzanne Morrison, titled, “30 Ways to Get Backlinks.”

Suzanne emphasizes the importance of making your backlinks as natural and varied as possible. The Google search engine is now penalizing sites that appear to have an unnatural backlink profile.

Here are five important things to remember when building backlinks, beginning with the most obvious one:

1) High Quality – Links from high quality sites are worth more. … Read the rest of this entry

Who Else Wants To Write Headlines That Sell?

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Every once in a while you find a resource you simply must share with others. Last week, I found an eBook that will enhance your affiliate marketing power through effective copywriting. Let me ask, who else wants to write headlines that sell?

This eBook will coach you in the art of persuasion and it actually provides you with dozens of “fill-in-the-blanks” headlines you can use right away. Imagine being able to quickly convert your readers from prospects to buyers, and all with the use of well chosen words.

The title of the eBook is “Headlines That Sell.” In addition to giving you a whole list of immediately usable headlines, it explains in detail several factors that go into creating powerful headlines that sellRead the rest of this entry

Get Paid To Work On Your Home Business

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Today, I am excited to share with you some details about a great new competition sponsored by the Affiliate Power Group (APG). You can win some awesome prizes and actually get paid to work on your Home Business!

It’s the APG 4 Week Winter Challenge – do you think you’re up to it? There’s $1,500 worth of prizes available for the taking, and it is open to every Affiliate Marketer, Internet Marketer and home-based entrepreneur who wants to spend the next four weeks building their business, accelerating their success and increasing their home business income.

If that sounds even a little bit like you, then you will absolutely want to read on to find out exactly how this APG competition will benefit your business, whether or not you win the BIG prizes . . . Read the rest of this entry

Article Marketing With The Leaders

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What do recognized leaders like Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar and Guy Kawasaki have in common? Well, among other things, they include Article Marketing in their marketing plans. Imagine doing YOUR Article Marketing with the leaders!

The above mentioned high achievers, and many others, have another thing in common: they have articles posted in the article directory at And now, you can post your business and marketing articles in the same directory, free, right alongside theirs.

Not only will you enhance your image as an Internet Marketer by associating with these famous entrepreneurs, but the article directory is also an effective place to brand yourself as an expert in your niche and build additional backlinks to your website. … Read the rest of this entry

Use The Adzly Ad Network For Home Business Success

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Advertising is important because the number one problem for most Internet Marketers is getting enough traffic to their websites. Of the many ways to get traffic, advertising remains a leader. And now, you can use the adzly ad network for home business success.

Affiliate power is all about targeted traffic. Without the right kind of visitors, your dreams of online success may never be realized. The adzly network is designed to put your ads in front of the best prospects possible for whatever you are promoting in a particular ad.

The adzly advertising system is a powerful viral marketing machine. You create ads for your products, services or programs; you choose the targeted market segment that is best for each ad; you earn free ad credits by placing adzly ad widgets on your websites and pages; you introduce this free advertising system to other Internet Marketers; and when they place the ad widgets on their sites and pages, they earn free ad credits and YOU earn free ad credits! … Read the rest of this entry

The Best Social Network to Brand Yourself

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There are many social networking sites on the Internet today and each offers various features and strengths. However, if you are seriously trying to build up your home business income, then let me tell you about the best social network to brand yourself.

I am talking about IM faceplate. If you haven’t heard about it, I don’t know where you have been (LOL, why does EVERY marketer like to say that?) If you are not yet a member of IM faceplate, then keep on reading because you are truly missing out on an incredible business branding opportunity.

IM faceplate is just what the name suggests: it is a place to create your faceplate for Internet Marketing (IM). You can join free and then you can quickly and easily design your online profile using a variety of IM faceplate features and modules.

Once set up, you can use IM faceplate as the springboard that points your prospects to all other resources you use on the Internet, from websites to blogs to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Read the rest of this entry

Free Targeted Advertising From Adzly

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The first rule of successful marketing is to get your message in front of as many highly targeted prospects as you can. To help maximize this goal, you might consider using a powerfully viral marketing machine. One way to achieve this is with free targeted advertising from

Adzly is a full-scale professional advertising network where you choose the market category and the network automatically finds the perfect prospects for your ads. It’s like the proverbial “better mousetrap” you’ve always heard about: your ad is the cheese and the adzly network is the path that leads the ideal prospects to your door.

You can set up a free adzly account quickly and easily and have your ads running in no time.

Advertising is a tricky skill to master; even more so when marketing on the Internet because there is so much competition. There was a time when you could use the “shotgun” approach to Internet advertising: you would simply blast your ads out there and hope some of them hit the right people.

Today, that approach is wasteful and inefficient if you hope to enhance your affiliate power. You really have to target the prospects who are best suited for your offers or your advertising will be wasted. Read the rest of this entry

Home Business Blog Tips

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Social networking sites might be the big thing these days, but do not get fooled into thinking that your home business blog has lost its relevance. In fact, blogging is more important than ever because people want information and your web log is the vehicle that can deliver it.

People know that knowledge is valuable and applied knowledge is powerful. That’s why they seek it. Your aim should be to provide your visitors with the kind of information that they can take away and use to improve their businesses or enrich their lives in some way.

Even though your blog is a marketing tool, you should avoid posting too many promotional messages. Balance your promos with a mix of informative and educational articles related to your niche or the theme of your website.

It can be challenging for a home business entrepreneur to continually come up with new articles and posts to fit the bill, but nobody ever said that marketing was easy.

Well, okay. I guess there are quite a few marketing “gurus” who do try to tell you that marketing is easy, but it isn’t, really… Read the rest of this entry

How To Build Backlinks For Affiliate Power

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If there’s one thing I learned from my marketing mentors, it’s the value of having a backlinking strategy. Here are a few tips I have picked up on how to build backlinks for affiliate power.

Experienced Internet Marketers tend to forget that new marketers may not be familiar with the terminology, so it is worth mentioning here that a backlink is a link posted on another site that points back to your website.

Getting backlinks from other sites is a good thing; it is one indication of your site’s *popularity. The more backlinks you can get, the better it is because the more popular your site is, the better the search engines like you and the better chance you have of getting your site ranked high on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

*Would you like to check your site popularity right now? … Read the rest of this entry