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Do you appreciate learning of ways to motivate yourself on those down days we all experience? You know how it goes: some days are good, some days are not so good, but the world keeps turning and you’ve got a home business to run.

It’s like this. Some mornings, you wake up and hit the ground running. The day is bright and you are full of vim and vigor and hopeful expectation of a very fulfilling and productive day.

Then there are days you wake up feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Every step feels like slogging through deep, mucky mud and it takes a mighty effort just to drag yourself through it. You can tell by the cloud over your head that the day is going to be anything but productive and fulfilling.

How does a busy home business marketer deal with these down days? I see two angles on it. …

First, you could simply write the day off, take a break, do other things and hope for a better day tomorrow.

… Or you could put your mind on autopilot!

You might end up coasting through the day at low speed and you may not be as productive as a “good” day, but you will still be able to get something done that supports your home business in some way.

How DO you put your mind on autopilot? Well, this takes advance preparation. You have to plan ahead for those “cloudy days” that you know are inevitably going to come.

When you run your own home based Internet business, you are the boss and you are fully responsible for the success of the business. That means that while you may have the flexibility to schedule your days however you want, you still have to make sure everything is getting done that your business needs to succeed.

Ways to Motivate YourselfYou can’t risk letting emotionally cloudy days slow you down to the point of inactivity or backwards motion.

The best way I know of to prepare for cloudy days is to have firm goals in place for your business. Putting them in writing seems to work best for most people. This includes a clearly detailed major goal and secondary goals that act as steps to get you there.

As a supplement to your secondary goals, I also recommend preparing a daily list of duties and activities organized by priority. Most successful list-makers recommend preparing the list the day before and putting it in writing so it is there waiting for you in the morning.

In my experience, nothing helps you get focused and active faster than having that list sitting there. As soon as I see my list all I can think about is digging in so I can start stroking things OFF the list!

Having written goals and a daily activity list can work wonders to motivate you. They will help you focus and can help to put your mind on autopilot on those draggy days. But the ‘trick’ to making this work is to get into the habit of doing it on a daily basis ahead of time so that it does become a habit.

Once you are in the habit of doing that, your “bad” days will be better and your “good” days, excellent!

If you hit a cloudy day before you have clear goals and an action plan in place, then I suggest that for that day, you sit down, make an activity list, prioritize the list, then make it your goal simply to focus on the #1 priority. That effort alone might be all it takes to get the ball rolling.

If you are having a bad day now, follow the above suggestion, if only to take your mind off of other less productive thoughts.

If you are here looking for inspiration for the future, there are many ways to motivate yourself on down days. As I noted above, the best thing is to plan ahead and be prepared. Use my suggestion, or look for other sources of similar inspiration.

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Ways to Motivate Yourself

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