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Experienced Internet Marketers may think the answer is obvious, but we must realize that newcomers may not know these things. Learning how to monetize a home business website is one of the first things a marketer needs to know.

Early steps in setting up an online business include choosing a market niche to focus on and an appropriate name for your website, as well as selecting a dependable web hosting company to host your new website.

You will then have to set up your site, either piece by piece or using one of many available pre-designed themes. Once your site is up and running, the next step, before adding content and beginning to promote the site, is to monetize it.

What this means is adding promotional and advertising elements that produce either direct or indirect income. …

Common methods of monetization include adding Google AdSense modules, text add modules or widgets, advertising banners, and free resources like eBooks or newsletters that are themselves monetized.

Google AdSense: If you want AdSense modules on your site you will have to go to the Google AdSense site and register for an account. Some marketers get approved quickly while others seem to have to wait. Once you are approved, you will be given the appropriate code to add to Home Business Websiteyour web pages and once the code is installed, AdSense will begin running automatically.

AdSense is a nice, passive, indirect way of earning a few dollars a day without ever having to do anything but install the code and choose where the modules will appear on your pages. One word of caution, though: read and obey the AdSense terms of service because they are very specific about what other types of programs and offers they approve of on your site.

Text Ad Modules: There are a few other services online that work similar to AdSense where you add the module code and then the ads start running and you can earn money when your visitors click those ads. If you do a search for text ad service providers you will find a few to research and consider.

Advertising Banners: these might be affiliate banners for products you are promoting and selling, or they could be banners that other marketers pay you to post on your site. If they are your own banners, you will earn income when visitors click the banner, go to the respective product page and buy something. If you choose to post banners belonging to other marketers, then you will earn direct advertising revenue by charging them for the space.

Newsletters and eBooks: These are indirect forms of monetization in that you give them away free, but include forms of monetization within them that you hope will attract the interest of the recipients.

The examples given here are just a few of the ways to monetize a home business website. The more ways you monetize a site, the better chance you have of generating income from each visitor. However, make sure your site also has a good amount of useful, niche-related content as a counterbalance.

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