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There are a few things to consider when planning an Affiliate Marketing website and the thing is, you want to look as professional as possible. It’s all part of your image as a businessperson. Here are seven things to consider.

First, choose a marketing niche to focus on. These days, with so much competition online, specialization can often make the difference between success or failure with a home business or Internet Marketing venture.

It is not completely essential to pick a niche that interests you, but it makes it much easier to promote when you are sold on it yourself. Popular niche markets can be found in the health, wealth and relationship categories. …

Second, choose a domain name for your Affiliate Marketing website that relates either directly or very closely to the theme of your niche. To do this, make a list of key words that describe your niche and then use a keyword tool or a domain name suggestion tool to research the popularity of your keywords. Some domain tools will also tell you if a certain domain name is still available.

Third, find a reliable web hosting company to host your domain. Many companies are available and prices and services vary. I recommend Bluehost. It is better to go with a recognized company, if only for your own peace of mind. You can use that same company to officially register your domain name.

Note: Domain registration and web hosting are two different things and you need both.

Fourth, set up your website. This can be the tricky part, unless you are experienced. One of the simplest ways to set up a website is to go with the WordPress blog platform. Most professional web hosting companies provide tools to help you easily install WordPress on your domain. You can also find other website platforms by searching on the Internet.

Affiliate Marketing WebsiteIf you are interested, a complete step-by-step, seven-day website set-up training process is available to members of the ‘My Affiliate Power Site” (MAPS) program. Basic membership is free.

Fifth, give your new affiliate website a professional look. When you first install WordPress you will get the basic theme. You can also find many other WordPress themes to choose from online, some free and some at various costs. Be careful about the free ones; they may not come with support and may contain security vulnerabilities. If you are experienced, this may not be a problem. Otherwise, be cautious. I recommend the Socrates theme; check it out.

Sixth, choose some affiliate products to promote and add some related advertising banners to your new website. Keep the products you choose closely related to your chosen market niche. The MAPS program, mentioned earlier, offers some product ideas and sources.

You can also join a leading Affiliate Marketing company like the SFI Marketing Group and use your website to highlight and promote any of the nearly 71,000 products and services available from SFI’s e-commerce shopping site called TripleClicks.

Seventh, write your first post and start adding content to your website. Niche-related blog posts or articles are important: they provide valuable information for your visitors and prospects, they demonstrate your knowledge or expertise in your niche, and they attract the attention of the Internet search engines, if they are sufficiently unique. The more unique content you can add, and the more often you can add it, the better.

Those are seven key points of planning a professional Affiliate Marketing website. There is a lot to know about starting up a website and, in my opinion, the best thing to do is jump right in, get the process started and get some experience; you will learn as you go. Choose a niche, a name, a hosting company, a website theme and then start adding content. It’s all very exciting!

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