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If you’re going to build an online business, you should start with a website that demonstrates the quality you want to become known for, and one way to do this is to install a professional WordPress theme, designed for Internet Marketers.

I am going to recommend a specific WP theme, but let me assure you, it is not the only good one available. With a little research, you will be able to find WP themes in all shapes and sizes, suitable for a variety of purposes.

However, I am an Internet Marketer and I have some specific products and services to sell. You can’t blame a person for recommending something from their own product line, can you? The WP theme I will mention here is the same one that our marketing group recommends in the free My Affiliate Power SiteHow to Setup Your Own Website” seven day crash course. …

When building a new marketing website and thinking about what features you should include on it, here are some things to consider:

~ How easy will it be to modify, maintain and administer?

~ How compatible will it be with monetization resources like Google AdSense and ClickBank?

~ Can it be easily optimized for the search engines?

~ Is the design flexible enough to let you quickly add sections, modules, pages, or elements like advertising banners?

That’s just the website. What about the theme: the appearance of your site? When thinking about installing a professional WordPress theme, consider these things:

Professional WordPress Theme~ Does the theme come with full support by the creators or developers?

~ Do they provide regular updates for new versions of WordPress? (WP updates occur regularly)

~ Is the theme easy to customize?

~ Does it come with premium features?

The above points are all very important, especially for a new marketer who has little experience.

I’ve been in that place myself. It’s not fun when you are trying to start with a cheap, scaled down product and then you have to try to build on to it and patch it up as time goes on. It is far better to take a little more time and spend a few more dollars to set it up professionally at the start.

A professional appearance can help you get into profit much quicker and it therefore pays for itself.

Additionally, the benefit of having your own domain name and website and installing a professional designed-for-business theme is that you can customize it and personalize it, making it your own and helping to establish a unique identity online.

In the long run, that is what Internet Marketing success is all about: image, branding, trust and dependability. That is the bottom-line value of having your own marketing website and presenting a professional business appearance.

After looking at the features and benefits, the professional WordPress theme that I recommend for Internet Marketers is the Socrates Theme. You can read more about it in the free seven day website-building crash course available at My Affiliate Power Site.

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