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You can set up a website the hard way by studying online guides, learning HTML and practicing the set-up process through trial and error. Or … you can do it the quick and easy way with a professional WordPress theme.

My recommendation is the Socrates theme. The cost is minimal, it comes with full support, the site is designed especially for Internet Marketers and it can be quickly and easily monetized. Socrates is the ideal way to learn how to create a WordPress blog in just minutes.

I will tell you right up front that I am a seller of this theme, so my opinion is biased. At the same time, I will also state emphatically that if I had known about Socrates before I had my existing marketing sites set up, it would have been an immediate choice! …

That’s why I recommend it to marketers looking to get a quick start in the business and who want to save the time and aggravation of learning how to do it all themselves.

After all, your business as an online marketer is to do the marketing and advertising and promoting to get visitors to your website. You shouldn’t have to worry about the technical aspects of setting up a professional site. That is unless, of course, it is something you like to do and you are prepared for that kind of challenge.

How to Create a WordPress BlogMost marketers just want to get right to the promoting and selling part of the business! I know. That’s how I am, too. So . . . quit reading this blog post and click over to the Socrates information page to get all the important details! lol

~ Watch the Live Demo to find out more about this premium WordPress theme.

~ Check out the User Gallery to see what others have done with it.

~ Read some testimonials to see what others are saying about it.

What? Are you still here? . . . Well then, here are a few of the features you will enjoy with Socrates:

~ Monetized for AdSense and ClickBank

~ More than 220 niche header designs available

~ Includes a Social Media slider

~ Search Engine Optimized

~ Squeeze page and other templates included

~ Multiple ad spaces

~ Bluehost web hosting recommended (I am a reseller for Bluehost, too, so if you DO need web hosting, come back here to click my link!)

If your aim as an Internet Marketer is to develop a professional image, then the Socrates WordPress theme is the one you want for your website. Like I said earlier, it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s not expensive and the features provided make it an obvious choice.

That’s how to create a WordPress blog in minutes! Buy a professional theme that is optimized, monetized and customizable to your needs and interests. Go ahead, check out the Socrates theme right now!

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Socrates WordPress Theme

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